Getting a Domain Name (URL) for my website

Hi, I’m researching about websites. How to do yourself etc. Stupid question for the day. Remember I’m new to this stuff. Do you need to have a registered business name to have a website ? Also, How do you know if your domain name ( I think that means business name) is being used by someone else,? Thank You for your time

All you need to know about domain names in a nutshell! You do NOT need any kind of documentation or incorporation to register a .com, .org, .ino or .net domain name. All you need is about $12 and GoDaddy or other registrar. When you go to the registrar website, there will be a box where you can input the domain name you want. When you click the button, the site will tell you whether the name is already taken and will make suggestions for similar names if it is. Then the site will walk you through the steps for registering.

How to get a web presence

I have just started up a business and am looking to start advertising on the internet. I would like to know exactly what I need to do this. Such as, do I need a domain name? Is the domain name what lets you show up on searches such as google? If not then what is it that puts your name in the search engine lists.

A domain name is the address of your website, such as “” or “”. You don’t necessarily need to have a website in order to have a presence on the web. You can set up a Facebook page, make a YouTube video or advertise in an online yellow pages, such as If you have a physical location, I highly recommend entering your business in Google maps and For more, please visit the following pages: alternatives to websites and online marketing


How do I go about setting up a website and make sure Its legal?

There are two aspects to that question:

1) How do I protect my web content from others?

Add a notice on the bottom of each page of your website saying: Copyright 2009 (or whatever the year is).

Under U.S. law, copyright protection takes effect from the time the work is put on the web. If you wish to register your work with the U.S. copyright office, instructions are at

Of course, you can’t really ensure that no one will copy your content. You can only protest if you find someone has used your work without permission. Sometimes a simple email or phone call to the violator is enough. If it’s really important, you’ll have to see a lawyer.

2) How do I make sure I’m not breaking any copyright laws?

Quite simply, don’t use material that isn’t yours. If you are making a website about philosophy, don’t copy someone else’s website and present it as your own. What you CAN do is include excerpts from other people’s work, as long as you attribute it to them at the beginning or the end of the excerpt. This does NOT mean you can simply scrape the contents of a whole website, but you can, for example, include a paragraph from a news story, giving the source, before you make your own comments.

If you are searching for content to add to your website and don’t feel like writing your own, there are many articles sites, like, that have articles available for use on your website with proper attribution. Similarly, there are websites such as from which you can get free or inexpensive royalty-free images.

Video resume

Hi, love your website! I need to post my video resume online. Do I need a website or is there a way I can just make a link that I can send out to my potential employers? Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks for the compliment. 

I suggest you register with YouTube (it only takes a minute) and post your resume there. If you want to have a website, you can get a one pager from Network Solutions or  for about $10 or $11 a year and use the code that YouTube gives you to embed the video in your own page. That way you will have a URL, such as, to give to potential employers.

A website to give advice

how would you set up a website that people could call you or send you an e-mail, that you could help them with advice on life, or music or just somebody to talk to?

The easiest way to do that would be with a blog. They’re free. You can have people write to you privately, or ask their questions on the blog to be answered for all to see. Go to or They’re both free and easy to set up.

Getting on first page of search engines

I want to set up a web site promoting and selling electronic cigarettes.What do I have to do when building my site so that when someone seaches for electronic cigarettes, my site comes up on the first or second page listing those sites? Thanks, Dean

You’ve asked the $64,000 dollar question! There are people who make their living doing just that for website owners.

The basics are covered in these pages: Getting Traffic and Exchange links and banners. Briefly, they are:
    Create your pages so that they feature your key words in about 2% of your text, naturally integrated, not spammily
    submit to major directories
    cultivate links

If you don’t have the time, you can hire a reputable company such as, or you can advertise with companies like Marchex Adhere. Signup today and receive $25 FREE PPC credit. . Pay-per-click advertising won’t get you into the regular search engine listings, but it will get you into the sponsored listings at the right of the page.

Website for bicycle club

I am looking to build my own web page for my bike club, with message board post, photos and chat room

The easiest way to create your own group is to join a community already out there. There seems to be one for every interest. For example, Disney has one that’s oriented toward families; there are cat communities; social action communities — all sorts. A couple that are sports related are: Rootzoo and CBS Sports. They’re more oriented toward couch potatoes watching games on TV, but you could probably join up (for free) and start a group catering to your specific interest. You could then post photos and comments at will. Chatting is a different story. You may be best off just having your club members all sign up for Twitter.

Making sure site shows up in all browsers

I have designed a website. I would like to know how I can make sure that my pages are viewed successfully on anybody`s monitor. Is there something I have to do to make it fit in different sized screens or does that happen automatically? I used FrontPage to set it up.

Excellent question, and not one that can be answered simply.

First of all, you should know that FrontPage is no longer supported by Microsoft. Frankly, it’s not a very good tool. However, it’s probably good enough, even though the page code it produces is not up to the latest standards.

There are websites, such as, that will show you what your web page will look like in different browsers at different screen resolutions (for example, 800 pixels wide by 640 tall, which is the lowest resolution still popular today).

You can also download the most popular browsers yourself, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. They’re free. Microsoft also offers a free developer toolbar that lets you see your page in different scren resolutions.

Business website set up

If you want a straightforward informational site about your business, you can use any company, such as Yahoo! Web Hosting or will make it easy for you to set up your own site, customizable with your logo. If you want to sell things online, Yahoo! Offers Merchant Solutions . Also, ProStores by eBay has everything you need to sart selling online Today- shopping cart, domain hosting, merchandising, reporting, etc. 

How can i set up a webpage for a friend that passed away.

Setting uo a website for a loved one

It sounds like you want to have a website with photos and comments from friends and loved ones, as well as the ones you contribute. I think the easiest thing is to set up a blog. You can get one for free at or Both are easy to sign up for and to use.

I want to set up a website in my name, to which I can add wharever I like

I dont want to sell anything, but I want to be able to add new information about my (already published) work.

Again, sounds like you want a blog. You can get one for free at or Both are easy to sign up for and to use.

Free journal?

Hi. I want to set up a free website where i can journal everyday, and ppl can read it, and post replies/questions. nothing fancy needed. something simple that i can do. not worried about advertizing, etc. should have a good amount of space though. (if that`s something that varies) thank you!

What you’re describing is exactly what a blog is designed to do. You can get one for free at or Both are easy to sign up for and to use.

How would i market my website and how much would it cost

If i set up a website and wanted to market the site on the web how would i go about it and what are the average costs.

You can do a lot of the basics yourself, for free. To find out how, click on the links above, labeled Get Traffic. 

There are many firms out there who call themselves Search Marketing firms. Many are legitimate, many are not. Ask for a list of clients, ask what the Google rating of their own website is. If they don`t know, don`t hire them.

How do I make a website?


I’m afraid I don’t understand. When you say you don’t want a website with hosting, you’re kind of saying something like “I want to put on a TV program without broadcasting it.” Unless you have the specialized skills, hardware and software to set up your own web server, you will need to find a company that provides the skills and equipment to get your website out onto the internet. There are many host sites that don”t charge money for hosting, and many more that only charge a few dollars a month, if that is your objection. For an extensive list, see Set Up a Website the Easy Way. The skills and knowledge involved in setting up your own web server are outside the purview of this site.

How can i get my own website up and going?

Help me please i don`t know anything and i want to kno how

‘The best places to go for a website if you are a newbie are probably Yahoo! Web Hosting, and . Their services are designed for people who are not professional web developers. They provide easy to use tools and plenty of hand holding.

Help setting up a forum

i currently made a website and want a forum on it. how do i go about getting a forum? please help it would greatly be appreciated. do forums cost money? where would i get one?

If you want your forum to be free, you will probably have to accept that there will be some ads on it. provides free forum hosting. Your URL will be

If you want your own URL, extensive support, advanced features and no ads, there’s a company at that will let you set up a board for $9.95 a month. 

These days, most web hosting companies offer the ability to set up a forum as part of the hosting package for a regular website. If your hosting control panel is hsphere, look under “Web Options”, then click on “phpbb”. It”s a bit tricky to set one up, but the host site probably has tutorials and assistance available to help.

How do I pick a good domain name?

Any suggestions on picking a good domain name? Seems like all the good ones are taken.

The two things to bear in mind are: 

1) Your domain name can figure in your search engine popularity. If the name of your site is “Joe’s Blankets” and your URL is “”, your site is more likely to show up under the keyword “blankets”. Even better, if you only sell fleece blankets, your URL should be “” 

2) Your domain name should be easy to spell and easy to remember. I made the mistake of selecting the name “Aunt Reenee” (four e’s), which is frequently misspelled as “Aunt Renee” (three e’s). I also picked one that was too long. The url is “”. I later found that plain “” was available. That would have been the better choice. If you’d like something that’s already taken, like “”, perhaps you could add a place name to make it unique, like “” or “”. You’d be surprised at how many good names like that are still available.

Trouble registering a domain name


May be the hyphen at the beginning. 

I checked on GoDaddy and the domain name,, is available. Did you mean to put a “-” at the beginning of it? If so, that`s probably what the problem is. The registration process is very straightforward after that, but if you have any more problems, drop me a line and I`ll walk you through it or do it for you.

Register a domain name first?

I want to set up my own website for business, do i need to register a domain name first.? look forward to hearing from you.

Yes and no. You don`t have to have a domain name when you start building your site, but it`s a good idea to register one early in the process, since it`s a good bet you`ll want to incorporate it somewhere in your pages, and perhaps even in your logo. If you are setting up a website using an all-in-one package such as Yahoo or Homestead, they will walk you through registering the domain as part of the setup service. If you are building a site yourself, many hosting companies also provide domain name registration services. If not, there’s a list of companies on is the cheapest, but it’s worth it to spend a few extra dollars using your hosting company, as they will help you with the technical aspects of pointing the name to your host server. Registering a name should cost you no more than $15 a year. Of course, if you’re hiring a professional web developer to build your site, registering a name should be included in their services. Hope this helps.

A website to put affiliates on

Hi My name is Renee and I had found your website quite by accident and found your step to step of setting website very interesting. I am no expert there but the reason I am contacting you is I have several affilates I would love to join but they said I need a website in order to do so. The real question is what should the website look like or should look like in order to be people applealing for the sake of listing up to 5 affiliates? Pls advise and do you offer setting up websites such as these?

Hello, Renee. You’ve asked an excellent question. 

I suggest you build a website on a subject that lots of people are interested in, like a hobby, or a dating site, or a forum on a subject in which you are interested and have some knowledge and expertise. 

You will need a lot of good content in order to make people want to come to the site, and it must change frequently so people want to return. That’s why a forum is a good idea. Some sites that will give you a free or inexpensive forum are: 

MyIkonboard. For $5.95 a month you can have a customizable forum. 

Free Forums Network gives you a customizable forum for 70 cents a month. 

The affiliates you choose to sponsor your site should be as closely related as possible to the subject of your site. You mentioned that you already have the affiliates lined up. What is it about them that appeals to you? Perhaps that’s the subject of your site. 

Once your site is built, you have to get it indexed by search enginges. For more info on how to do that, go to 

Best of luck.

I'd like to open a dating site

I’d like to get people together (and make a little $$) by starting a dating site.

There’s a site called PilotGroup that will sell you software to let you build your own dating site for $149. Another one,WebDate from WebScribble, sells for $199. Of course, you still have to find a site host, but those are easy and cheap to get. See the info on that on For articles on setting up a website see

I am a nonprofit. Can you help me?

I am thankful to your website and i understand that u offer many cause of assistance. I am running my own The Islamabad Welfare Foundation for Youth in Pakistan and i offer many kind of services to the Youth. My foundattion is a non profit-organisation and we aim to enlarge our assistance to whole Pakistan. Please let me know how you could be of assistance to me? in the U,K. is bulding a network of people willing to offer free or reduced website design and hosting. Their URL is 

Servenet at matches volunteers with opportunities. You can post a request for a volunteer web designer there. 

Also, Aunt Reenee’s Websites offers reduced rates for nonprofit organizations, especially in the New York area. For more, go to

Dentist just starting out

I`d like a website, but can`t afford to spend much. Any suggestions?

two suggestions.

First of all, make sure you get yourself listed in any dental directory you can find. Just Google “dentist directory”. You can get listed free, for example, in Even if you have to pay, it’s probably worth it. 

There are several companies that specialize in websites for offers a basic website for only $99. If you want something fancier, there are companies that offer specialized applications and fancy Flash designs. Again, just Google them.

Website for an actor?

I have designed a website. I would like to know how I can make sure that my pages are viewed successfully on anybody`s monitor. Is there something I have to do to make it fit in different sized screens or does that happen automatically? I used FrontPage to set it up.

Try this Talent Lounge offers websites especially for actors for $49 a year, $9 more if you want your own domain name. You get 50 mg. of storage for your head shots.

Free web design or hosting for charity?

We’re a registered charity and we need a website. We can’t afford an expensive designer. Can you suggest someone who can give us a break?

We may be able to help. If you are a legitimate nonprofit organization with a humanitarian goal, send us your organization’s materials and proof that you are a legitimate nonprofit and we will be happy to lend our expertise to help you build a website. Although we cannot build websites for free, as a service to the community we offer drastically reduced prices to appropriate groups.

Receiving donations online

Hello, I’m trying to set up a donation website for a little baby boy I know with cancer, and I am looking for a way of accepting donations online. My first thought was Paypal, but their charges are very high, so I wonder if you know of any bona fide services, that would enable me to receive payment from credit cards as well, but with reasonable charges?”

Try Amazon. Your best bet is Amazon’s honor system , which is free and very easy to set up. You put a link on your website (they supply the button) and it brings your visitor to a page on Amazon’s site. They process the payment and send you the donation. What they get out of it is that you’re sending someone to their website, where they may end up buying something. I would not reject PayPal out of hand, though. Although they charge a portion of the contribution, you still get to keep most of it, and you wouldn’t get the donation otherwise. Their charges are pretty much in line with what other online merchants charge. As far as building a website, you might consider a blog, or diary, on Diaryland. For $54.99 a year, they’ll give you thousands of chances to display an ad to other diaryland members and visitors. It’s also VERY easy to set up the site. You can get a free diary if you don’t need the advertising, but if you do, it’s the best deal around.

How can I sell my handmade clothing?

I’ve got a line of tshirts and such that I’d like to sell online, but I don’t want to go thru the hassle of setting up my own website and then having to publicize it. What should I do?

There are sites that are virtual craft shows that let you set up a one page “booth”. charges $39 a year for the first “booth” of 5 product pictures and up to 8 products and $19 for additional ones. charges $6 a month (which is $72 a year) for 6 pictures. 

The booth comes complete with online ordering, and they’ll provide tech support in setting it up. Besides being easier to set up than a full website, you may benefit from being in a “mall” the same way the local jewelry shop benefits from being near Sears in the big suburban brick and mortar mall.

Want to store messages in a database


Nothing off the shelf, really I’m assuming you’re not a nonprofit. 

There are two separate components here: 

1. The ability to take money. You will need to set up an account with Paypal, or, if you want to be more elaborate, one of the merchants that specialize in taking online credit card payments. Many web hosts provide an interface to allow you to do this pretty easily. 

2. You will need a program that stores the customer’s id and password along with his message. It’s a pretty specific (though not elaborate) requirement. I don’t see how to get around having someone build that for you, unless you know PHP, Java or ASP and can do it yourself. Check out the list of web developers at for someone you might like to work with. 

Of course, you’ll need a regular website as well. You might be able to arrange with a programmer to just do the coding part and then build your own regular web pages using a package or templates if you want to keep down costs. 

Hope this helps.

Anything for teachers?

I’d like to be able to post assignments and such for my students. I’m not a computer expert and I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money. What do you suggest

Try Teacherweb. The site is designed for teachers to post announcements, homework assignments, a calendar, test grades and other materials. It will cost you about $2.50 a month.

Professional photo website

I am hoping to make money by having my own website. I would post digital photos to the site and hopefully sell either prints that I could mail or let people download the photos for a fee. Can you help?

Try a photo community There are sites that let you upload your photos to sell on their site. That’s a good way to start. Here are some: 
You can set up your own website to display your work. Putting up low quality jpgs that people can order by mail would be easy. You could use a standard online store. Letting people download from the site would require you to hire someone to program it for you.

Need a website for selling our house

We are selling our house and want to have a website just to show pictures of the house online. We know nothing about getting a website. How should we go about it?

Perhaps your own site is not the best approach.”;”If you are looking to attract customers, you might want to post your house on a site like You’ll share the site with other sellers, but the site already has visibility and many visitors. If you try to create your own site and then attract traffic, the house may be sold by the time Google finds it!